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TAG is dedicated to supporting and growing craft spirit companies in their journey toward success
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At TAG, we offer comprehensive financial solutions to support the growth of our partner clients. Our primary service involves determining a lending amount through a comprehensive underwriting process that considers the company's accounts, receivable history, and standard loan-to-value ratio. We charge a fee to our partner clients for absorbing their accounts receivable credits, thereby freeing up capital for them to focus on expanding their business and filling new purchase orders.
At TAG, we are dedicated to supporting the growth of small and emerging craft spirit businesses. Our lending solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each of our partner clients. Through a thorough underwriting process, which considers factors such as the company's accounts receivable history and loan-to-value ratio, we are able to propose a lending amount that is tailored to support the growth of each individual business. In addition to providing access to capital, we also offer an accounts receivable management service for our partner clients. By absorbing their accounts receivable credits, we help them to free up valuable resources that can be used to fill additional purchase orders and drive growth. Our goal is to provide comprehensive financial solutions that empower our partner clients to achieve their business objectives.

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Number of craft cocktail companies relying on a specialty lending partner in 2022
Average time added to a product’s turn around cycle due to inefficient capital
Total amount of spirit supplier sales in 2022
More than 60% of the spirit’s sector’s total revenue was from sales of high-end and super-premium spirits
Spirits share of the total U.S. beverage alcohol market

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