TAG funds up to 90% of your invoices, providing you a needed boost in cash flow to help pay employees, vendors and other expenses while you wait for your customers to pay their bills.

Craft Spirits Invoice Factoring Services

Don't wait 30, 60 or 90 days for wholesalers and distributors to pay. Get an advance on your outstanding invoices with invoice factoring.
Specialty lending solutions that are crafted with the unique needs of craft spirit companies. We work closely with our customers to provide customized lending solutions that are crafted to their specific goals and challenges.
TAG’s specialty lending solutions are as creative as the craft spirits industry itself. We take a fresh and innovative approach to lending, providing customized solutions that help our customers achieve their unique business goals.
TAG is committed to helping craft spirit companies succeed. Our lending solutions are designed to provide the capital you need to grow your business, and our experienced team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

How it Works?

TAG provides craft spirit companies with the capital they need to fund valuable production runs and grow their business, all while retaining their hard-earned equity.
You sell products to your customer
You sell your invoices to TAG
TAG sends funds minus the reserve and fees
TAG receives payment from your customer
TAG refunds reserves minus the final discount fees

Why Choose TAG?

How TAG Helps You Win

Get the capital you need to fund valuable production runs and grow your business, while retaining your hard-earned equity.
Application Process
Streamlined application process that saves you time and money.
Competitive rates and flexible terms that work for you and your business.
Collaborative approach to problem solving that puts your needs first and helps you make informed decisions.

Invoice Factoring Qualifications

When the bank denies you a loan, The Acceleration Group can help you inject much-needed capital into your business. Invoice factoring could provide you with funds to keep your business running in a short time - sometimes as quickly as 24 hours.

In order to qualify for invoice factoring services from TAG:
  • Operate in the B2B space
  • Sell a product or service to another business, rather than direct consumers
  • Have credit-worthy customres that have consistently paid invocies in the past
  • You sales must be invoced to clients on credit terms
  • Have a strong pipeline for future opportunities
  • Have credit-worthy accounts receivable that are likely to be paid on their due date
  • Your invoices must have invoice terms such as net 30, net 60, or net 90 from the invoice date
  • Are free of liens and encumbrances
  • Be within the credit terms and credit limits

Brands Choosing TAG as Factoring Partner

TAG - Jason Michelson
“TAG helped us get the funding we needed to take our business to the next level. The application process was straightforward and efficient, and the TAG team provided us with the support and guidance we needed to make informed decisions about our finances. We highly recommend TAG to any craft spirit company looking to grow and succeed.”
Bradshaw Bourbon

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